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Offering sustainable products for Camillatex is not only an ethical choice, but also a production philosophy rooted in the genesis of the company itself. We have always produced textiles using only natural fibres, which are grown and harvested in full respect for the environment and favouring the use of renewable energy in processing.

However, the use of green energy is not the only element on which we focus our efforts. For some time now, we have developed an increasing focus on certain aspects of the production and commercial cycle that, improved, contribute substantially to achieving the vision of sustainability in which we believe. These include the optimisation and efficiency of both production processes and logistics, as well as the recovery of production waste and the rules governing the creation of new products.

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Every fabric in our range has a Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® certificate, which guarantees the absence of harmful substances in every component of the product: the raw materials, the materials used in the production cycle and those used in the finishing phase.

The decision to use certified Supima extra-long staple cotton for the majority of our production is part of a sustainable choice, as it embraces the green dictates of Supima (www.supima.com), the world leader in high-quality extra-long staple cotton.

The remaining percentage of cotton belongs to the US Cotton chain, which launched the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol that sets a new standard for more sustainably grown cotton.

The green products par excellence, made with organic fibres, all proudly have GOTS certification, which requires, in terms of sustainability and the environment, important choices, starting with the sowing soil and the seed of the cotton plant itself, which must be rigorously GMO FREE certified, but also involves rigorous decisions in terms of energy, water use and the working conditions of the personnel employed in every link of the production chain.

Our focus is also on the packaging aspects of our products, where we are constantly working on implementing greener solutions, reducing plastic consumption as much as possible.


The Camilla Textiles Environmental Policy

We consider that the implementation of Camilla Textiles' activity should integrate a set of sustainable development criteria, to ensure the proper management of resources and protection of the environment, and which meet society's requirements.

To implement them, we undertake to meet and enforce the following principles, which are the basis of our environmental policy:

  • To name a person responsible for our Environmental Policy;
  • We undertake to consider the environmental factor when planning and developing our activities and those of our business partners, encouraging the environmental awareness of our staff, suppliers and society in general.
  • we undertake to comply with the environmental regulations that apply to our activities, as well as any other obligations laid down. We will endeavour to prevent pollution and reduce the environmental impact of our activities to the minimum.
  • We work towards continuously improving our Management System, thereby increasing its efficiency and ensuring a more efficient consumption of resources.
  • We undertake to inform all of our employees about this policy.