\ Certifications


For us, the certificate is not just a piece of paper, but a promise made to our customers.
For Camillatex, it means guaranteeing our commitment and doing our best to offer them high quality and environmentally friendly products.

In particular, on a technical level, each of our articles is provided with Standard 100 Oeko-tex certification to guarantee the absence of harmful products in the fabric


In addition to this fundamental certification, we ensure that all fabrics made from organic raw materials are accompanied by a GOTS (General Organic Textile standard) certification guaranteeing the organic origin, not only of the fibres, but of the entire chain up to the finished fabric.

Finally, we are proud of our certification with Supima, which qualifies us as producers using the excellence of cotton fibres on the market, becoming not only its ambassadors but also synonymous with precise qualitative, productive and sustainable choices.