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Camillatex started out as a family business and over the years has deliberately maintained both its size and characteristics, increasingly emphasising the human aspect in relationships inside and outside the company.

Camillatex has been able to read the markets, has learnt to build solid partnerships with its customers all over the world, to invest in research and development, to keep abreast of new technologies: but all this it has done without ever losing that artisan spirit that is the basis of its success.

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Becoming one of the world leaders in the field of linen fabrics has been the result of constant, hard work, which has led it to be a prepared interlocutor and an indispensable partner for whatever challenges the increasingly demanding and prepared market requires.

Camillatex has retained the entrepreneurial spirit of its beginnings, with that curiosity, that desire for discovery and, last but not least, that desire to 'do well' that has led it to make important choices, under the banner of product quality and commercial seriousness towards its customers.

The second generation of the Benvenuti family, at the helm of the company for the past twenty years, has been able to take the Camillatex name everywhere in the world, leaving an indelible mark in terms of style and quality, and future plans promise to impress their customers even more