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Since the beginning of its history, Camillatex has chosen to use only natural fibres for its production and, as a philosophy, never to compromise on quality: a fine fabric is the result of skilful workmanship, but, above all, of an excellent raw material.

This decision is not only about production efficiency, but is also an ethical choice, which has over time created a credibility and strength in the world market, positioning Camillatex as one of the major textile leaders in the home linen sector.


The strategic decision to use mainly contamination-free American cotton proved to be a winning choice right from the start (www.cottonusa.org).

In addition to the quality US Pima Cotton, which has always been used, Camillatex has, as of 2016, added one of the world's most valuable and well-known extra-long fibre cottons: Supima (www.supima.com), which today represents almost the entirety of the company's cotton production.

For premium products, Camillatex also uses other exclusive cotton types such as Sea Island, Suvim, Giza 45 and Giza 92 to a lesser extent.

Next to cotton, linen occupies a privileged position, also from a sentimental point of view, as Camillatex was founded, sixty years ago, precisely as a manufacturer of linen fabrics, for which, even today, it still exclusively uses long-staple fibres from Western Europe: the land of flax.

Finally, there is a small percentage of other fibres: among these a prominent place is occupied by cellulosic fibres, which redefine standards of comfort and sustainability. In this case, Camillatex relies on the superior quality of Tencel-branded Lyocell and Modal fibres.