\ Structure


Over the years, Camillatex has been able to adapt to the ever-increasing demands of the different markets and, above all, has not been afraid to put itself on the line, making its internal structure flexible and ready to accept all kinds of challenges.


There have always been two unrivalled cornerstones that allow Camillatex to be competitive, not only in terms of the product, but also and above all in the service provided:

  • the production department: forge of Camillatex and NK branded articles, and the place where solutions for each new product are found. Tireless and creative, he is always searching for the best materials, the most original styles and the most innovative techniques.
  • the commercial department: strong of an empathetic and technically prepared call centre, to provide prompt and immediate answers; as well as a team of tireless salespeople acting in the field, in direct contact with customers worldwide, through frequent visits, to make the customer feel truly part of the Camillatex family.

The nationwide presence of a team of agents also allows them to serve, in a capillary manner, all Italian customers with professionalism and accuracy.